Another successful show is in the books!

 Thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday despite the rain and weather earlier on in the day. It ended up being the most perfect, beautiful day for a barrel race and we ended up with almost 80 entries in the Open. Thank you to Rayner Taylor for being such a great host and for all her hard work to get the pen ready for Saturday. The ground was fabulous and we had some smokin' fast times!

 Points have been updated on the website, as well as member work hours. Thank you to all who helped out with announcing, barrel setting, and everything else it takes to make a barrel race run smoothly. A lot of you have already or have almost completed your required 4 work hours for the year, but don't forget that work hours will be used as tie breakers for awards at the end of the year. We will no longer be having run offs or flipping coins. Whoever has the most work hours will be the member to win the tie! Work hours can also be bought for $25 an hour. All monies collected from work hours will go straight into the awards fund. I have also had a couple people donate awards for work hours and that can be worked out with me as well! Please remember, that we have a log book for work hours now. It will be at the sign up booth at each and every race. You must sign in and out of the log book to get your total amount of hours for the show. I will be doing a free entry drawing after each race on Facebook, for each member who completed at least one(1) work hour at that show. This is to try to help encourage members to complete their required work hours and keep from having the same members doing it every time. We really do need help guys, especially with barrel setting during the Open. 

 Our next show is March 25th. This will be a Platinum Barrel Series co sanctioned sho at Syrup City Saddle Club in Cairo, GA. Exhibitions will begin at 11am with Open starting at 1pm EST. We will also go back to the sign up sheet at the exhibition line since we will only have two hours to complete the exhibitions. You may go only two times in a row and then must start at the end of the list again once the line starts to get busy. So I will need someone to work the exhibition line. If you are able to please contact me. No exhibition tickets will be sold after 12:30p. Please remember that Open entries will close at 12:50p!!

 We have $800 added so far to this race. $250 is added to the PBS and $250 added to NBHA Open. Both are WPRA approved. $50 is added to each Youth, also WPRA approved. There is also an Open PBS Side Pot with $200 added that is WPRA approved and a WBRL approved Side Pot is being offered for a $20 entry fee. PBS, NBHA, and WBRL membership forms will be available at the sign up booth. 

 2017 State Show information and entry forms have been posted to the website. 

 March 1st is the LAST DAY to get in your applications to me for the Youth World benefit race on May 20th! I will be announcing a list of all our Youth members who will be benefiting from show. 

 Thanks and I hope to see everyone at the Run for Malachi Benefit Barrel Race this Sunday Feb, 26th at Evil Twin Farms!

2017  NBHA FL1