End of Year

Hello all,

 The year is quickly coming to an end. Our final show of 2017 will be December 16th at the Gadsden County Arena in Quincy. We will have $250 added to the Open. The ground will be worked prior to the show and we are hoping for a great turn out!

 Please remember, this is your last chance to get in your 4 required work hours for the year. Hours each member has worked are listed with points. If you are in the red you are currently not eligible for year end awards. You MUST write down that you worked in order for me to count them towards your points. A sheet will be available for this at the sign up booth. PLEASE remember to do this so your hours will get counted. Remember that your work hours will be the tie breaker for year end awards. If there is a tie and both members have the same amount of work hours we will flip a coin.

 On that note, we will have an awards fee for next year in the amount of $25 per member that will be due by the June show. This is in hope that we can POSSIBLY get trophy saddles for awards next year to division winners. In addition to that you will still be required to work your 4 hours in order to be eligible for awards. 

 I am working on a date and location for our awards banquet. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions feel free to let me know!

 It has been a great year and thank you all for bearing with me my first year as director. I am still learning and figuring things out but, I hope next year will be even better! Our first show of the 2018 year will be Janurary 27th at Wakulla County Horseman's Arena.

2017  NBHA FL1