District Guidelines

FL 01 Guidelines

Arena: To keep the arena clear for our runners and tractor drivers, please do not exercise your horse in the arena once exhibitions have started and do not cross the plane of the alley during drags. You must wear closed toe shoes to enter the arena/alleyway/holding pen.

Arena Fees: Please be advised there will be a $5 grounds fee per rider at each race for arena fees.

Awards Fee: A $25 awards fee per member will be due by the June show each year. Please be advised there are mandatory work hours for all members in order to receive year end awards. Please see work obligations. The awards fee is separate from your NBHA membership.

Checks: Checks will not be available to pick up until the end of the show. We will post the results for each class as soon as the last horse runs and we get them printed so you can see if you placed or not. You may have someone pick up your check for you if you have to leave, but they must sign for it. You may also leave a stamped and addressed envelope at the sign up booth and I will mail it out the Monday after the show. Any unpicked up checks will be available in a folder at the sign up booth at the next show, any checks that are not picked up after 60 days will be voided.

Class Order: Classes will run in the following order: Open, Senior, Youth, Adult.   

Conduct: Please present yourselves in the best interest as an NBHA member.  All dogs must be on a leash.  Please pick up any litter.  Any public display or competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated.

County Representatives: County representatives are strongly encouraged to recruit district members (or family members) to help out during shows held in the counties that they represent. They will also be asked to help spread the word should a race be canceled or moved.

Draw: (NBHA Rule Section A, #14) We will now utilize a chip or computer draw for all classes.  All riders with multiple entries must ride their horses in the position in which they draw up.   Anyone signing up after the draw has been posted will be placed at the end of the draw. If a problem with a draw is found, that member will be placed at the end of the draw.  We will not redraw the class.  The draw will be closed and posted 30 minutes before the start of the Open.

Dress Code: In the interest of safety, shorts, skimpy tops, and open toe shoes will not be permitted while in the arena. Tank tops are allowed, but no spaghetti straps. Please refer to the NBHA handbook for rules on dress code.

Entering: Entries for all classes will close once the first horse crosses the timers in that class. We will only refund entry fees if you draw out of a class before the first horse of that class runs.

Entry Fees: Entry fees must be paid in full to the show office in order to be put in the draw. Any returned checks will be charged a $40.00 fee that will be due by the next show. 

Exhibitions: In the hope of starting on time, we will stop selling exhibition tickets 30 minutes prior to the start of the show. Please arrive early if you plan to exhibition. Also, please make sure that you give yourself plenty of time for exhibitions as we will cut them off 10 minutes prior to the start of the show. This will ensure time to drag the arena and reset the barrels. You may exhibition twice in a row when it is your turn, but then must return to the end of the line if you need anymore to allow others to go. This will keep the exhibition line from being held up so long. No one will be allowed more than two turns around each barrel per exhibition. Tickets will be $4 each or $10 for unlimited per rider. All proceeds made from exhibition will go towards added money for future races and year end awards. 

Gate Call:  Just a reminder. Once the announcer calls your name, you have 3 minutes to enter the arena and start your run.

Memberships: It is up to you to be sure that your membership is up to date. There is a 30 day grace period for expired memberships. After that time, you are a non-member and will not continue to accumulate points until your membership is renewed. This is a general NBHA rule. Membership forms will be available at every show at the sign up booth. 

Membership Number: On all entry forms, please provide your membership number and district to ensure that points are allocated correctly.  OO members must fill out a district declaration form at each race they want to claim points. 

Non-Member Fees: While non-members may compete for prize money at NBHA sanctioned shows, they are required to pay a non-member fee in the amount of $10.00 per NBHA rules under Section B in the rule book. The non-member fees collected will be used towards district year end awards. The fee will be waived during a co-sanctioned event with non-member clubs and associations.

Payout:  The following amounts will be taken out of each entry fee for state fee, awards, and added money. Open- $3, Youth-$5, Senior-$5, Adult-$5. 

Points: We will use the 5D format for World points and the 4D format for Payout and District Points. Please refer to NBHA rules for points breakdown. 

Questions or concerns: If you have any questions or concerns during a race, please come find me. Any interruptions to the announcer's booth during the race is extremely distracting to those who are working. Please think about how you would feel if someone were interrupting the time keeper and announcer while you were running. If you can not find me and it is an immediate problem that needs to be address right away, please let whoever is at the sign up booth know and they will either try to resolve it as best they can or find someone who can.

Ties: Year end award ties will be broken by which of the two members has the most work hours at the end of the year. Please refer to work obligations. If both members worked the same amount of hours then a decision will be made by run off at the finals show each year.

Website: I will be posting as much information as soon as possible to our website, including point standing, membership lists and the work list. Please review these for errors and let me know if we need to make corrections. This will help me to keep better records and ensure that everyone is fairly represented.

Winnings:  We will no longer mail out winnings at the clubs expense and time.  If you would like your winnings mailed to you, please provide the show secretary or myself with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please wait until we announce that checks are ready to come up to receive them at the sign up booth.

Work Obligation: Everyone will be responsible for working a minimum of 4 hours for the show year. THIS WILL BE IN ADDITION TO THE $25 AWARDS FEE. This will be documented with a log book that will be at the sign up booth at each show. You must log in and out. Hours will be logged and updated on the website for each member. If there are any mistakes please let me know right away so I can correct them. Hours can be filled by setting barrels, working the sign up booth, announcing, time keeping, working the exhibition line, ect. There are so many things that need to be done at each and every show. Anything over the 4 required hours will go towards tie breaking for year end awards. We will also offer another option. If for some reason you feel you will be unable to complete your work obligation you will have the option to pay $100.00 or $25.00 per hour instead of working, which will go towards year end awards and added money. You will only be able to buy a maximum of 4 work hours each year. This fee will be due at the October show each year. Please remember your work service is separate from year-end awards and is your obligation to the club as a member.

NBHA Rules: Please refer to NBHA handbook for any and all other questions or concerns. Please feel free to call, text, or reach out to me at anytime.

Crystal Rutten

FL 01 District Director




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